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September 2017

“How we work to help you reach your vision”

In 2016, we whilst working on a show we had an exhibitor and stand builder with a very specific vision. This vision would leave them unable to meet various regulations for the show. However, as a pivotal client of the event organisers we needed to ensure that we could help them achieve their vision whilst ensuring the stand would remain safe and compliant.

How we did it?

The first thing for us to do was to spend time understanding the exhibitors needs. Therefore, we invited them to a meeting at our Farnborough offices prior to the plans being submitted. At this meeting, we asked them to bring along their technical plans so we could discuss in more detail. It was quite clear from the initial meeting that the main issues were regarding the impact of balustrades and handrails on their ability to present the perfect light show whilst including balustrades which met the regulatory requirements. The main concern was that this would lead to shadows on the staging which would severely impact the presentation.

We were therefore able to provide guidance on what to do to include a stage without a balustrade whilst still ensuring a handrail was included. This meant that the light show would maintain its maximum impact that the exhibitor required. We advised them to produce a revised risk assessment and highlighted the areas that needed to be included whilst also providing details on how to manage their communication to the show and show performers. We also provided a direct link between the exhibitor and the show organiser and venue to ensure that this regulation was still being accounted for whilst not being met. We were able to do this in a timely manner prior to a full submission which allowed us to issue a drawing inspection notice within enough time for the exhibitor to commence production of their stand.

Our service ensures that we go beyond the extra mile to ensure that all organisers, exhibitors and venue are satisfied of the outcomes and ensure that whilst the vision of the exhibitor can still be met we can ensure the venue and organisers are happy that it remains safe and that all regulations are accounted for.


We have been working with the team at ESS for a number of years now and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Fastidious, punctual, polite, friendly, professional and able to deliver on time and within the agreed budget, they are an absolutely invaluable part of our team.

Always on top of the latest developments and ready to help at any time, Lianne and her team provide not only me, but just as importantly my clients, with peace of mind that everything is as it should be and that every T has been crossed and every I dotted -  a service level that makes them stand out, head and shoulders from the crowd.


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